From Banquets to Bulls:

The KanePlex Arena

The KanePlex Arena is an extension of The Kanab Center and a short 8 minute drive from our venue.  The arena is set against some of the most amazing red rock landscapes of the Escalante Staircase National Monument.  

The KanePlex rodeo grounds hosts an expansive main arena, practice arena, food vending clubhouse, bathrooms, stadium style seating, stock holding pens, chutes, announcer crowsnest, and a huge parking lot.

The KanePlex Arena is a dynamic venue capable of hosting a diverse array of events beyond the thrilling rodeo spectacles. These grounds have become a canvas for community gatherings, outdoor concerts, carnivals, car shows, farmers markets, and cultural festivals, offering a multifaceted space for both entertainment and connection. Your imagination is the limit with our rodeo grounds that can transform into vibrant hubs of activity.

From Hooves to Horns:

Experience the Best Rodeo Action at The KanePlex Arena

A rodeo in Kanab is not just a spectacle; it’s a celebration of the town’s rich Western heritage. The venue serves as a testament to the enduring cowboy culture that has shaped the character of Southern Utah. Attendees have the chance to embrace the traditions, values, and skills that have been passed down through generations. The rodeo grounds become a living canvas where the community gathers to honor its roots and share in the legacy of the West. Whether you’re a seasoned cowboy, a rodeo enthusiast, or someone looking to immerse themselves in the cultural fabric of Kanab, attending a rodeo in this Utah town is an amazing experience that fosters a deep appreciation for the heritage that defines this unique corner of the American West.

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